The task was to design a student community center with a limited budget of 15.000€. It’s location in a non-heated atrium of the main building of a University only allowed a structure of maximum 30 m². The competition took place in 2010 and has been awarded 1st place by the ‘Filmuniversität Babelsberg‘ in Potsdam, Germany. Our idea is based on the concept of using industrial material such as OSB wall panels and ordinary scaffolding systems as a lifted-up platform. In this way we create an additional space below the ‘tree house’ for flexible usage during the summer season.

Renderings Brendan Tadler
Staycationdesign_Baumhaus_05 Staycationdesign_Baumhaus_04 Staycationdesign_Baumhaus_02 Staycationdesign_Baumhaus_03 Staycationdesign_Baumhaus_01